Back in October 2020, Bar Bar Black Sheep launched a free children’s meals scheme in response to the governments decision not to provide meals during the half-term. The generosity of our guests was overwhelming.

Two of our younger guests enjoying a free hot chocolate while waiting for their hot dogs back in December last year!

Now, we find ourselves in another lockdown, with many not able to return to school, we will continue to provide free school meals until restrictions are eased and all children can return to their classrooms.

“Anyone can claim a free meal for their children, all you have to do is ask our staff!”

You do not need to provide any kind of evidence of your circumstances, the scheme is open to anyone who requires it. Many of us are now finding ourselves in situations we did not expect prior to the pandemic and are in need of extra support.

As well as the suspended children’s meals, Bar Bar Black Sheep has been running a suspended coffee scheme since opening in 2016, whereby anyone can grab a hot drink donated by a guest, no questions asked.

Should you wish to claim a free children’s meal or a suspended coffee, just ask our team and they will be happy to serve you!

If you would like to support our schemes you can donate either a coffee or a kids meal, or simply help us get the word out there to those most vulnerable. Stay safe from all of us at Bar Bar Black Sheep.

Until next time,
Sian Philpott