Last month, Bar Bar Black Sheep launched a much needed Suspended Kids Meal Scheme in response to the government’s refusal to provide meals for children during the half-term holidays

If you wish to claim a free kids meal from Bar Bar Black Sheep during the Christmas holidays, just pop on down and ask!

We gave our guests the opportunity to donate a meal whereby a parent could claim a toastie or jacket potato, a soft drink or hot chocolate and a small cake for each child. The generosity was overwhelming and we received a total donation of 95 meals from our guests.

“There was also a donation of fresh produce worth £50 which our staff made into food parcels and handed out to those who needed it!”

The government have now reversed their decision not to offer free school meals during the Christmas holidays following a campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford. Despite this, we will continue to run our scheme at Bar Bar Black Sheep during children’s school holidays. Our team believe that any child should be able to receive a treat. With the Christmas holidays fast approaching many families are going to feel the pinch.

If you wish to claim a free kids meal you do not need to provide any evidence, answer any questions or book a time slot. Our staff will welcome you and provide you with the same service that all our guests receive. If you know anyone that may be in need then please send them our way.

“You can also support the scheme by donating a kids meal at just £5 each!”

This winter is going to be a very different one for all of us and for many, more difficult than ever. We all have to do our bit and support those who need it this year. Whether that is making a donation of a meal, doing a neighbour’s shopping or even just a phone call to check in with a relative.

Let’s pull together and help each other through the coming months.

Until next time,
Sian Philpott