Black Sheep Collective are pleased to share we have been verified as a People and Planet First organisation. The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) have analysed our systems, process and procedures, as well as our structure, governance and accounting and have verified us as a genuine Social Enterprise.

SEWF’s mission is to accelerate our transition to a new global impact economy. One that considers the Social Value of investments and aims to ensure People and Planet are prioritised over Profit.

Being part of an international Tribe of Social Entrepreneurs, Game-changers, even ‘trouble-makers’ in a complex, capitalist world means we can access a wider knowledge base, share skills and resource and continue to work towards a fairer and greener World.

“We are so pleased that, not only have our approaches to working with artists, participants, audiences, people, Places and other organisations, have been recognised in this international framework, but also it is critical and timely, as Milton Keynes embarks on a new trajectory, as a modern newly designated City. This recognition is shared with our hometown and we hope it will be a driver for Milton Keynes to become a Social Enterprise Place – nurturing the immense skills, talents and knowledge already contained within our wonderful communities; unlocking the potential for MK businesses to fundamentally bring about positive change.” (Directors of Black Sheep Collective).

People and Planet First is a network of networks stewarded by the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF), a non-profit social enterprise that has been supporting the social enterprise movement since 2008.

The People and Planet First verification was developed in consultation with organisations around the world. Verification partners are member organisations, certifiers and service providers that already work with a network of enterprises that put People and Planet First.

Black Sheep continues to develop Place-making paradigms and strategies with both private and public organisations, venues and spaces. In doing so, we not only demonstrate our Social Value but, we inspire our clients and partners to pursue Socially Enterprising ways and methods that can generate further value for our communities. This approach has already had successes. In 2023, Black Sheep designed and managed a Social Value Policy for CentreMK. This exciting partnership not only increased the amount of cultural and artistic activity occurring but, became the World’s first Social Value Management Certificate awarded to a retail and leisure destination. Black Sheep continues to deliver this award winning cultural partnership with CentreMK and plans include expanded offers, more performances and plenty of awesome creative opportunities to get involved with.

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