We have been working with the Middle Eastern Cultural Group to create a revival of the play ‘Broken Wings’ by Ghusoun Rahhal. ‘Broken Wings’ is based on real-life experience and follows the journey of a teenage girl fleeing conflict and eventually arriving in the UK. It draws attention to the trauma refugee children have experienced through their journeys and the challenges they face in their new lives in the UK. The aim of the performance is to raise awareness about the suffering of refugee children, break down existing barriers and inspire social change. Eventually, create a safer educational environment for all children.

The play is being toured across schools in Milton Keynes, coinciding with Refugee Day. Through this project, children who are refugees will be given a voice to share their devastating experiences and increase their sense of belonging and inclusion. Teachers, parents, local communities and Councillors will work hand in hand to change the stereotypes held about refugees while denouncing bullying and exclusion. Decision makers will get a closer look at the barriers refugee children face in their education. There has been some very insightful feedback and comments made so far.

It has been a pleasure collaborating with The Middle Eastern Cultural Group (MECG). MECG is a non-faith-based cultural group located in Milton Keynes. Their main aim is to help members of the community integrate with the wider British community while preserving ties to our heritage and culture. It has run the Middle Eastern Language School (MELS) since 2011. MECG has created strategic partnerships with local organisations and communities to promote diversity and inclusion.

A community performance of ‘Broken Wings’ will take place on Friday 30th June at The Old Bath House at 4:30pm. The performance is free to attend, come along and be part of the discussion.

Show Credits

Producer: The Middle Eastern Cultural Group
Play writer: Ghusoun Rahhal
Director: Georgia Tillery Randak
Actress: Alexandra Hovsepyan
Tech Design: Aiden Bromley

The project is funded by Milton Keynes Community Foundation.