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Danny Quinn

I’m a Live Artist creating work in/for immersive events, attractions, commissions, and site specific mountings, as well as theatre, film and television productions. I studied Broadcasting (BA Hons) at Falmouth college of arts before working extensively in TV and film research and production for major companies including Celador, Pathe, Channel 4, BBC and the Discovery Channel. I now lead the research, development of the CIC, and the artistic direction of the Black Sheep portfolio.

danny quinn in killing eve

I have a master’s degree in Arts Policy & Management from Birkbeck, University of London, where my dissertation research project, ‘The Art of Queer War’ (2021) received an Honours mark. I continue to read in the fields of Arts Management, Social Enterprise, Queer Theory/Action and Posthumanism, regularly giving visiting lectures and workshops to institutes, networks and conferences in the UK, and Internationally. I’m passionate about research and knowledge being created within the Arts Sector, and through crossover(s) with both public and private sectors.

I love ‘making trouble’, and turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary playgrounds, to creatively explore thresholds of the Human Condition, Experience and Perception/Perspective.

danny quinn torch 2017

Current Research Projects:

The Art of Queer War 2 (Working title 2021-). Taking lead from the wealth of data accrued during my master’s research, I am upscaling some of the more critical lines of enquiry into phenomena in the Arts, that speak to Queer and Posthumanism discourses. Moving beyond the academic thresholds, this next stage research project, will manifest and culminate in a series of papers, visual explorations, performative collaborations, and artworks, as well as a book.

The Art of Social Enterprise (2022-). An ongoing research project into Arts based Social Enterprise(s). This research seeks to uncover the lived experiences, understandings, perspectives and nuances of individuals and groups who operate, manage and/or lead, Social Enterprise ventures in the Arts. The study takes into consideration topics of Funding, Approach and Methodology (even, Ideology…), Strategy and Frameworks that implicate artistic activity (and responses), in challenging Social Issues.

Current Arts Projects:

Trans-Plant (2021-): This study investigates notions of how people interact and relate to, the plant/natural worlds. Particularly drawing out the nuances of Human – Non-Human connectivity between organisms, at the intersection of Humanism and the Anthropocene we haplessly find ourselves in. The project will conclude with a series of visual arts collaborations between live artist and photographer in 2022 and further, with the Black Sheep Theatre company responding to the work through ensemble-devised performance(s).

Publications and Blogs:

Black Sheep Collective’s Queer Poetics

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