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Black Sheep activate the public realm with artistic and cultural, spectacles, wonders and interventions that, offer audiences new considerations and perspectives on/of the connections between, people and place.

Whether it’s site-specific commissions for new capital developments, assets and destinations; original and alternative theatre productions; repurposing disused commercial districts; mounting a community performance programme of locally rooted talent and emerging arts; or facilitating collaborations between artists and communities- we work with respect and attention to the nuance(s), individual and, essentially-different things that have agency to creatively charge and offer meaning-making. Thus, turning Ordinary Spaces into Extraordinary Places.

Below, are our current projects, productions, invitations and provocations.


Our programme of performance, busking and street arts in Centre:MK, offers platforms for the wider borough’s emerging talent, seasoned professionals, and community groups to showcase their artistic and cultural creations and expressions. Complimented by visiting artists and companies, the programme is designed to connect people and place further, so that Centre:MK continues to be a key destination, in one of the UK’s fastest growing places.

Are you  busker? Street Performer? And/or Public Realm Artist? We want to hear from you. Our Milton Keynes programme is currently devised on a monthly basis and is always open to new artists from across forms. Get in touch

Discover the playground

Trans-Plant (2022-23)

A new multi-form study, with co-conspirators and collaborators from Performance/Live Art, Visual Arts and Theatre. This project examines the relationships between Human and Non-Human structures/bodies, particularly in the context of the Anthropocene. It will culminate in a series of exhibitions, interventions, theatrical performances and works in digital media, across a network of places, spaces, and realms.

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