Layered Reality’s “The Gunpowder Plot” immersive experience deep under the vaults at the Tower of London, has already been reviewed as one of the Best Things To Do Around The World 2022 (Time Out), so when we were approached, it was an instant YES! to mount fire performance at the official press launch of the experience.

Our works in fire arts cross many genres, times and spaces. It is truly a unique art form that, apart from the chemical compositions of fuels and the structure & materials of props, not much else has changed since the early records of Fakirs who travelled the ancient worlds, telling stories, performing and breathing fire to communities, groups and tribes. This distant call to the past, continues to inform the future. In this way, Fire Arts could be considered under the emerging Posthuman lens focused on Performance, Endurance and Live Art.

The press launch event for “The Gunpowder Plot” not only created the ‘world’ of the attraction, bringing it outside the venue, onto the street… and the red carpet! In doing so, photographer David Monteith-Hodge was able to capture some stunning and sometimes candid images.

fire arts performers

fire arts performance from black sheep collective

fire arts performance from black sheep collective

Our Social Enterprise framework, enables us to directly invest surplus from these types of commissions, contracts and site specific performances into creative opportunities and experiences for new and emerging artists. In this way, our professional performers are providing resource, capacity and spaces where the following generations of artists can access high quality, diverse and nuanced training, practice, qualifications and experience.

We work with many events, attractions and sites to create specific pieces/performances that add to the wider experience for visitors and guests. Having the space to create, in collaboration with companies is something we value greatly. Drawing on the skills, knowledge and expertise of those involved, gathered around the shared idea of creating something new, something wonderful something (often) other worldly, is a driving force of our Social Enterprise.

The attraction is now open at the Tower of London and more information including tickets can be found at

David Monteith-Hodge’s photographic works can be viewed at