Black Sheep have been invited to join the conversations at the upcoming, Social Enterprise World Forum 2022 in Brisbane, Australia. This international event brings together Social Entrepreneurs from around the World for a lively, multi-day event that explores our sector, our ways of working and how we can all collectively progress, effect change and move towards a more fair and equal World. Inspiring talks, displays, shows and exhibitions, populate a programme of not only celebration, but act as further calls to gather around the many nuanced ways that Social Enterprise is deployed and mounted, across the globe. This is truly a mass Human Project.

We have attended World Forums previously, and have always come home with new ideas, perspectives and tools for developing our work and portfolios, whilst ensuring People and Planet remain at the heart of our sphere.

“I’m really looking forward to gathering around our shared Social Values and aspirations, with people from many, many different Social Enterprises. Our sector is vast and varied; nuanced and unique; specific yet, broad enough to encompass universal ideas of Fairness, Equality and Collective Social Action. Australia is a wondrous place, rich in Cultural Heritage- possibly one of the longest ‘living archives’ the World has ever seen! Thus the Arts, where we as an organisation are positioned, may play a key role at this year’s forum. We are excited to share experiences, learn from others and potentially gather around new ideas and topics with international partners and co-conspirators.” Danny Quinn, CIC Director.

The list of speakers and events for the forum, demonstrate the breadth of our sector. It’s ability to reach into areas of society; to the very roots of local communities; to empower people across territories and nations; and to protect our shared Home, the Earth in the process. These Social Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, it is this bizarre and wonderful mix of Human Conditions, Experiences and Perspectives that arguably bring value and meaning to Social Enterprises and the communities they work with.

The World Forum began back in 2008 in Scotland. Having travelled round the World annually since then, the event continues to inspire, ignite and include more and more People who are focused on changing the world for the better. This ever moving, temporary space and time, acts as a site of collective agency; new ideas, tried and tested methods, approaches and project trajectories are all discussed, shared, reimagined and/or created. Moments like this are rare, in area of public life. But the impacts of such gatherings can have unimaginable benefits to local communities, across the globe.

To find out more about the event, including how to join seminars and sessions digitally please visit: Home – SEWF (