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Black Sheep Collective offer a range of training opportunities and support. We tailor our training programmes to support creatives, artists and practitioners to develop their own creative practice.

All of our training is delivered by certified insured practitioners, who have extensive experience in that particular field.


For individuals who want to learn how to start and run their own Creative Business.

Creative Business Training will help to realise you creative business idea. The programme will give insight into how to set up and run a successful and resilient business. The course is delivered online, where learners are encouraged to work independently with the support of our business and arts mentors. On completing the training the individual will gain a Level 2 qualification and have the opportunity to take additional certificates in the areas of work they want to progress into.

This is a bespoke programme that can be completed between 6-10 weeks independently with one to one support.


These bespoke workshops offer artists the opportunity to develop their understanding in various areas of business and project planning. We have delivered these workshops for colleges, universities and artist programmes across the region.

We can cover: Self-employment; Personal Branding; Invoicing; Budgets; Contracts; Insurance; Policies; Client relations; Artistic Rights; Funding; Starting a Theatre Company; Project Management and Planning.

We share the alternative routes into the industry.


An in-depth exploration into the fundamentals of workshop planning and facilitation. Learn the mechanics of a workshop, how to achieve effective aims and objectives and inspire a community.

Understand the working practices of Black Sheep’s Participation Programme and how this could be used in other areas of theatrical engagement.


We offer support in various other areas including module support on Performing Arts courses and Creative Mentoring for adults and young people.

If you have any questions or want to enrol/book on any of the Black Sheep Training Packages please email Georgia on

Details are vague as we want to adapt and deliver work that is suitable for all.
Share with us your aims, objectives and needs, we will plan and deliver according to this.

Affordable fees.
Payment plans and bursaries available.

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